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The scratch on your arm serves as a reminder My insides, your insides, they are so frail A fish-head on the shore, a jelly’s stinging sore A ladder climbing high, an aging bruised backside This is your summer, last year was mine I’ll paint you a picture, but you’ll pay no mind And when it’s said and done, You can borrow every brush and bristle, Palettes piled with mounds of oils and riches Trace the shapes and feel the varied textures Mix the colors up and you will see The very hue that once I used to be A fish-head on the shore, a jelly’s stinging sore A ladder climbing high, an aging bruised backside A scar atop my toe from climbing rocky shores A wrist that creaks and cracks When the weight has reached its max But when do we know to stop?
I must, I must remember this one Praise or cuss, thank I must Remember this one When the hair has hit the floor, My heart’s the same as before I must, I must take part in this one I’ll trust, I’ll trust the Man When the hand is laid palm down, Underneath is my head’s crown Resting, breathing, eyes so still Like a ghost my mind’s still filled
Colorfield 03:48
I don’t want you in the way Confidentiality You will look right past my face Colorfield is all you need You won’t tell it to me straight Can your mama or your papa With me on this relate Out of pocket, out of pocket It’s constant on my mind today A mouthing of my brain will pay I’d give you both my hands if you’d You want me to report to you
An Oar 01:56
An oar, a paddle, it turns and guides us Toward shores and waters and creatures unknown In trees they spot us, they swim amongst us But in our vessel we’re untouchable We hear them call us, no fear but cautious Under this hot sun we’re smiling No fin could stop us, no man with purpose In these still waters
Sandpiper 04:48
Eyes in the ground, eyes in the sand Eyes in the ground, hold out your hand Hold out your hand, hold out your hand I run from the shore, I run from the land, Must keep my claws dry to feed my belly full Feed my belly full, feed my belly full Out in the barn, you hoot Out in the yard, you swoon If I could have it all, I’d not move very far To feast on what I love, a sandpiper at heart Sandpiper at heart, sandpiper at heart, sandpiper at heart
Gone Away 03:48
Gone, gone away, gone away in the night In the night, in the night, in the night is the light Is the light you won't ever see Hand, in your hand, in your hand, in your hand Is the sound, is the sound, is the sound, is the sound Is the sound that leaves all of us Are you or are you not my friend Can you understand me Without some kind of magic hearing aid From across the sea of Japan? Down, down, down you go In the way, in the way, in the way that you flow That you flow, and I won't say "I" You won't listen when I'm talking to your face And you won't pretend Taking care of yourself can be a chore For all your friends' weekends Gone, gone away, gone away in the night In the night, in the night, in the night is the light Is it all you hoped it would be You will not see me
Healthy for the heart Healthy for the heart Healthy for the heart Run inside, all inside in the basement corner Slim it down, make it last you longer, longer When you walk, when you run you will earn it, earn it o e o o e o o e o o e o Under me, under sea in the middle, middle Patient mind, you can’t hide if it’s painted, painted Give me some time to think if you want it, want it o e o o e o o e o o e o
My Plenty 04:22
If I don't know you, why should I I've filled my time already I've got mountains piled on my plate I've had my share, my plenty Friend or foe, I don't wanna know When I'm asking simple questions to the folks I think I know Throw me a bone, settle in one place now Free myself of this cloud, I don't need to know you I face familiar choices everyday but never stay the same I could sit still for forty days, the rain would still come and wash me Friend or foe, I wanna know I'll start asking simple questions to the folks I think I know I need a bone in the bottom of my leg now Help me stand with head proud, so I can know you... Better
Stare straight ahead, that’s the way it goes After years of absence, familiar faces turn to passing faces Don’t catch an eye or make a sound They will snatch you, grab you by the hand and shake it ‘til you... Tell them ‘bout the world that you’re living in My eyes don’t close when the others talk to Him I’m still learning, I’m still learning Don’t forget to clue the ladies in A change of address slip, a letter filled with peppermint Weekly reminders rarely draw me back But the life of professor wisdom Yeah, it’s the life of professor wisdom
Come on and say “a-oo-lalala,” come on and say I like the way you move from afar, a perfect day Come on and lay down on the floor, I’m on the floor It’s only when you break down the door, I’m gonna stay Instead of breaking down the wall, you come along You see the writing on the wall, it’s on the wall Instead of seeking what is before, you call yourself I like to hold onto your arm, mylossophy mylossophy, mylossophy, mylossophy Be forewarned
She’s over the ocean, how did she get so far from home I didn’t notice that I needed her ‘til she was too far gone Come home, come home She’s playing her instruments for faces we have never seen I’m tapping my toes and shuffling my feet with friends that she only sees In picture frames and dreams Come home my friend, tell stories that have no end Come home my friend, when will this waiting end? Two weeks to go she’ll be on a plane Watching waves that usher her home Back to me, safe and sound as if she never left But she’ll never forget Come home my friend, tell stories that have no end Stay home my friend, this waiting will never end


Voted Nashville's 2nd Best Album of 2010 by the Nashville Scene

All songs written and performed by ACTION
Recorded by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes Recording, early 2010.
Mixed by Jeremy Ferguson and ACTION
Mastered by Jeremy Ferguson and Johannes Gerstengarbe
Package Design by Emily Keafer
Field and Woods Photos by Adam Kriese
Fan-funded via Kickstarter
Additional band photos by Jim Reed

ACTION is Dan and Robyn Burns.

Check out our vimeo, including fan-made videos:



released June 1, 2010


all rights reserved



ACTION Nashville

ACTION is Dan and Robyn Burns. We are married and live in Nashville, TN.

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